What is it?
        Netherstorm is tabletop role-playing game, designed so the possibilities for character creation and advancement abound. The setting is in a Bronze Age-like time, as opposed to the typical medieval time period. Our system is based solely around the use of percentile dice and ten-sided dice. We found that basing all of the rolls on percentages allows a sense of realism, without bogging down the game and making things too complicated.

Netherstorm features:

Races: We have seven races, with the four being our own creations. Each race has a list of advantages and disadvantages for the player to choose from. Choosing from this list allows variety within the individual races, as well as between the races. Combined with the Backstory benefits and detriments, this helps the player create a unique persona.

Skills: Netherstorm features an open-ended skill system, allowing the player to work with the Game Master to easily develop new and unique skills. Because there are no character classes, players can create any type of character they can imagine, from a warrior to a farmer, each with the ability to be effectively played. Because characters advance in skills rather than levels, each character is unique. Do you want your mercenary to be a sword master? Maybe a world-class knife thrower? Or do you want him to have a spell that lets him heal himself with the damage he inflicts on his enemies? The possibilities are endless.

Spells: One of the best features of Netherstorm is our Spell Creation System. While we do provide some basic, premade spells, the Spell Creation System lets players devise their own completely unique spells. Because there are no character classes, spells are available to anyone who has the access and makes the effort to learn them. Spells can be combined in whole or part, to make new spells unique to that character. Combine an attack spell and a healing spell to create Vampiric Drain. Combine a ranged attack spell with a stunning spell to create a Thunderstorm spell, that will electrocute the targets with lightening and stun them with thunder.

Advancement: Players earn experience points for every conceivable action (winning a battle, building a chair, visiting a new city, etc.) These experience points are used to advance levels in Attributes, Skills, and Spells.