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What is Netherstorm?
Netherstorm boasts unique player races that are a blast to roll up and play.  We have a spell creation chart that can be used to create nearly any spell you can imagine, or close to it.   Our game has a heavy emphasis on the role-playing part of RPG.  This means dump stats and "useless" skills aren't nearly as useless as you might think.  Netherstorm uses a point buy system for character creation and development, giving the player more control over their destiny.  This game, run on percentile dice, is sure to provide a great time for you and your party.
Netherstorm is a tabletop role-playing game set in the world of Thelal, a fantasy world that is nearing the end of it's Bronze Age.  Things are changing in the world and there is something foul on the wind.

​Learn more from people who play!

We Hate Bards is a group dedicated to bringing quality gaming experiences to experienced and new players alike.  The below link will take you to their blog where you can listen to all their Netherstorm podcasts.